Android is an popular operating system being used in many mobile phones for enhancing its features, that uses java (an object oriented language) programming interface and based on Linux. This post is going to focus on this OS and its enhanced features available in an efficient android app.

Android is developed by Google and have changed a lot in terms of innovation to provide a lovable app with enhanced OS to its users. Its apps can be used with the other applications via using its other components. An android application has its code written in java which is compiled into a single package APK (.apk extension). This is an executable file which is then used in the mobile phones as android app. Along with these another benefit of the smarphones are i can easily play my favourite poker games just in one click.  This single file has all the required components needed to install the app in the mobiles. After installation, each app remains in the fixed security features made for each specific device, and not relate with other features that are of no interest for it, making the whole platform more secured. However to access other parts of the user data like contacts or messages, the app may request for a permission.

For making an android application, the development kit needs to have some required tools needed including a debugger, a compiler, an emulator, and a virtual machine to run the programs. The application provides its users with a rich interface library, an embedded database, graphics support via open libraries, file system access and also an exciting feature allowing background processing.

One important feature of the android apps are the app components. These components are the activities, services, content providers and broadcast receivers.

  • An activity is any each and every screen of the device. It has a user interface and it is actually a java class file.
  • A service allows a background task to perform remotely while no user interface being provided.
  • Broadcast receiver is made to give a reply to system wide events via broadcasting. Some events are battery low, phone starts up, or when a call or sms received.
  • Content provider is an app to provide an interface that allows sharing the data. This data can be stored with the SQLite database.

An android app, considered to be a small code, which can easily run on any device. But it is becoming now a days, the root of the smartphones. With so much security and outstanding features, it surpassed the market form last few years in terms of incredible quality being given to the tech savvy persons.