Rabcat software is delighted to offer the intuitive Slot game Frozen Diamonds. You can spin it on the casinos and stand a chance to win big and reap endless bonuses. With 5 reels and 20 pay lines, you cannot miss opportunities to snatch multiple wins at a go. Owing to its generous cascading feature, whenever you match a winning sequence, there is a probability of another line occurring. Good thing is that you can play single line or multiple line meaning you have complete autonomy to choose how you would like to play. In the event a play matches three lines in a row, there will be free spins, multipliers and wild symbols meaning payouts will be escalated to lucrative amounts. Don’t leave out such a chance, warm it up and check in the casinos to try this slot game.

Play Frozen Diamonds at

To stand a chance of winning a windfall amount, spin the reels of this slot game at Frozen Diamonds slot game is powered by the gurus of slot games engineering and development, Microgaming. It comes with compelling graphics that makes players to be engaged fully as they enjoy the spinning and rolling of the symbols.  The sounds are typical to the symbols of the game making players to know sounds for wins, wild symbols and other significant occurrences for them to take necessary action.

For a player to win, he or she needs to combine several identical symbols in a row. 3 symbols of the same design in a play line is considered a win. As the symbols come from above and collapse down, free spin bonuses are triggered once three collapses have been reached. You will get at least 10 free spins in a row. A wild symbol occurs in the third collapse. For people who win three times consecutively, they normally get three free spins and if you win from those free spins awarded, your winnings will be doubled. On normal wins, players can double up their winnings as well. To that, you need to set the ‘gamble’ mode where two ice cubes are displayed. You need to select the one containing a diamond for your winnings to be doubled. If you select wrong cube, you lose all your winnings so it is up to you to decide, get double winnings or lose everything. Do you feel like you can make it? Try it and win big.

The Symbols and Elements of Frozen Diamonds

Frozen Diamonds comes with Jewels and Ice, making it to be pleasing to crowds. Four jewels as well as four card symbols are available. From K up to 10, they are enclosed in ice cubes. Every time you make a winning combination, the symbols are replaced by new symbols from above thereby increasing your chances of multiple wins at a go. Make three wins consecutively and you will be awarded 5 to 10 free spins and if you win 3 times from those free spins, you get 2 times multipliers.

The Hot Bonus Games

Free spins forms the basis of entertainment for many online slot games because they enable people to play and win without any stake. The Frozen Diamonds game has this wonderful feature but unfortunately it does not have scatters to unlock it. So how do you unlock the bonus? To utilize this bonus and enjoy free spins, you need to make 3 consecutive wins in a row. Free spins are awarded once three lights turn on on the left side of the reels. 5 to 10 free spins are normally awarded and you will also be given wild symbols and multipliers. Wild symbol enhance winning chances because it can substitute for any symbol to complete your winning combination. For example you may have two matching elements but one is not matching, you can use a wild symbol to accomplish your winning. Multipliers work to increase winnings and you may have more winning combinations than you expected. If you utilize the multiplier well and use your gamble mode correctly, you will walk away with a windfall amounts. It is a game full of surprises, enjoyment and rewards which is why many players find it a favorite.

Double Up Your Winnings

Feel like you want to inflate your winnings. Frozen Diamonds comes with a gamble option where you are presented with two ice cubes. One contains purple fog smoke and the other one contains orange haze. If you choose the one required, your winnings are doubled up but if you choose the wrong one, your winnings will be zeroed. Imagine the joy of pocketing double of what you expected? It’s a game you will enjoy not only from its intuitive graphics but also from its engaging nature.

Unmask Your Winnings

As you form winning combinations from the falling ice cubes, it is important to know that your treasures are hidden in the ice cubes. The moment you form a winning, make sure you break them to unlock your wealth from Frozen Diamonds game. You will receive your gems and once your ice packs are broken to release gems, new packs are released from above and form another possible winning combination. From your awarded 5 to 10 free spins, make three winning combinations and you will be given two multipliers to blossom your winnings.

Bottom Line of It All

Frozen Diamonds is an intuitive video slot game that is powered by microgaming. If you win three times consecutively, you will be awarded 5 to 10 free spins. Unlock or melt your ice to receive your treasures. The excitement of playing on ice and colorful symbols awaits, just check into the casinos and you will have complete fun.