You can become a millionaire overnight or bankrupt in one second. I was able to trust my luck when an event happened that changed my life. I became a millionaire overnight because of it. My story began one year ago when I was working on my cousin’s laptop. He enjoys playing online games. I surf the web looking for useful information. I was greeted by a popup window asking me to click.

As I am working from long time and I am feeling tired also. So for the sake of some fun and entertainment I clicked over that window. That window is about the jackpot play. This started at the same time I landed over there. This is a new play started over the newly launched gaming website. So, they are seeking attention of the new customers.

They offer extra opportunities and bonuses for players. This is something I wanted to test my luck with. First, let me explain. It is very easy to play. This slot has 3 reels and only one pay line. This slot has a fun theme: court jester. The symbols used in the reels are traditional Las Vegas symbols. I was inspired to play the game after reading the rules.

So, I also started to try my luck over this. Firstly, I started playing this with the free bonus coins which site provided me at starting. As I started playing, sometimes I won and sometimes I lost, but after some time my free coins are ended. So, I think of playing the premium version. After investing some dollars I got paid coins. After that also my losing streak continued, but as my paid bonuses are ending I tried my luck for one last time. As I spin the reel the combination of jester hat which is the symbol of jackpot. This means I hit the jackpot and I won the prize many more times I lost and become leaky. I won the million dollars over the night. I enjoyed a lot, so I am suggesting you also to try your luck for one time there.