The term nanotechnology is a branch of the science which works on the minute particles of tiny size which cannot even visible by through naked eyes. As the term says, Nano means a very small sized particle that can only be possibly visible through a fine microscope. An important fact here to know is that a nanometer (nm) is actually one billionth of a meter, which is practically less than the wavelength of the visible light. I tried to highlight some important facts of this interesting technology in the post so that people will get to know more about the role of the technology in online gaming.

On a broader sense, the Nanotechnology is the manipulation of the matter on the basis of the various scales, varying from the atoms, molecules and the super molecules. It is actually made to control the individual atoms and molecules, specifically to produce microscopic devices like the computer chips. An atom is smaller than a nanometer, of size with a diameter about 0.00001 nm. Actually the atom is an asset of every matter available in the world. Our body is also made up of atoms that are more than million cells. They are the natural Nano particle which is the most generic and basic element of human body. As the view of Nano science, these all can be made together to make anything.

There are various aspects being assumed for the Nanotechnology. It is treated as the general purpose technology as it offers significant effect at a greater scale in several areas and delivers improved and more advanced features in any field. It is also a dual use technology which counts for multiple purposes and it has both the benefits and the risks as well. As a different view, this technology is more like a revolution. Like for say, a pc can make the countless copies of any data without any big cost in so less time. This is what the main concept of the nanotechnology which not only provides the better results but also improve the efficiency and the overall process. This incredible power of the nanotechnology can be combined and put in a tiny miniature device that can be kept on your personal computer or the laptop. This simple device is given the name as personal nanofactory which has minute processors, and a proper combo of the computing with the robotics. The benefits are that it produces enormous variety of items with so ease and low cost.