Technology has become a part of our life and maximizing the new possibilities for human development. In this post, I will give some information about the importance and role of technology in education. I can say that almost every educational institutes and colleges are using technology tools for better teaching. Technology provides support for both learning and teaching. It gives many digital learning tools, such as computers and other mobile devices. It also increases the productivity of educational institutes with the help of the advanced school server. People are using the open learning resources, and getting easy online learning opportunities. There are many advantages of technology in educational field.

Communication server- Technology provides different types of communication tools. These tools help teachers and students to communicate in a better way. Teachers are using school servers for giving assignment and projects to the students. Teachers prefer the “flipped classrooms” for active learning. With the help of “school server” teachers are able to monitor student’s progress easily. There are numerous advantages of flipped classrooms.

  • Students can learn more deeply with the help of collaborative activities.
  • Teachers and students can get more feedback.
  • Students are able to access all the learning information easily.
  • Students take more interest and responsibilities for their learning.

Course management tools- There are many tools for course management which works to support communication and collaboration. These tools are also helpful for submitting assignments and receiving feedback. CourseWeb is an online tool, which helps for managing student’s project work. These tools are beneficial for Time Tracking, Workflow Routing and Task Management.

Technology provides several learning tools to help teachers, so they can design meaningful learning experiences. As we know, Engaging children in learning is very difficult, but digital learning environment has made it easy. Children enjoy, when teachers touch the white board and teach them in an interactive method. Technology allows teachers to introduce a topic in an effective and interesting way. It helps not only for teaching but also for administration. Keeping data of students and teachers has become easier. I can say technology has provided many options for playing online poker in different gaming websites . It has become one of the preferable methods of learning education. Online classes, webinars and flexible schedule are few factors of its popularity. Virtual classes are being used by most of the people. I hope the above information will give you some knowledge about the role of the technology in education.