In this post I am going to provide you the information about the uses of the Bluetooth on the android phone. Bluetooth is an impressive wireless technology which can enable many sorts of the functionality with different kind of gadgets. In the beginning it was limited but now it is used widely for data communication and for other purposes. Here are the best uses of this incredible technology. Now days technology has become very advance you can find all your important data over  or you can find more about poker here .

Hands Free
This service of Bluetooth technology makes you able to talk hands free during the other works. It would be hard to imagine hands-free talking environment. You can talk on your phone while it is in your pocket. There are some devices which allow you to do it such as Bluetooth-enabled car stereos and Bluetooth headsets.

Beside the hands-free calling features there are many other features which make the technology more useful. The Bluetooth headphones are used for the transmission of audio. These devices can help you for crystal-clear transmission. You can also use the car stereos for playing music of your phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices. Some car stereos and Bluetooth applications provide you the buttons either on the device or on the car steering wheel that help you to change the song and also provide some control on the wireless audio.

Keyboard and mice
Bluetooth technology counts in one of the best technologies. This is the best communication technology for mobile as well as computer and laptops. It can also be used in hands free and audio purpose. It can be paired up with your keyboard along with your smartphone and android devices.  Personally I prefer the touchscreen for fast typing but most of the people prefer the physical keyboard for faster typing. In fact in the latest technology some devices can pair up mouse too.

File transfer
File transfer via Bluetooth facility is used by most of people. File transfer from one device to another is very easy. Every smartphone, windows phone and android phone comes with the Bluetooth features, which is very helpful and beneficial. In fact via Bluetooth feature you can easily share any file from your phone to laptop or from laptop to phone.

Internet Tethering
I can say Internet Tethering via Bluetooth is the most used service by people who have smart phones or any other Bluetooth enabled devices. This is really an excellent feature of any android phone and it could be done very easily. People can access internet instantly whenever they need. All I can say about the Bluetooth is that there are many great uses of it. But the above are the most common uses that people generally adopt.